Nagasaki Day 2020

We have organised a remote digital ceremony on Zoom for this year’s Nagasaki day.
Please click the link (eventbrite) to sign up for the event. You will receive an email on the day with the link to join.

To join the event — HERE (eventbrite)

Nagasaki Day 2020 : 75th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony

Sun, 9 August 2020

20:00 – 21:30 BST

  1. Welcome & Introduction     Shigeo Kobayashi (MC), JAN UK 
  2. Water Sprinkling & Blessing      Rev. Nagase Shonin, London Peace Pagoda 
  3. Chanting      Rev. Nagase Shonin
  4. Chapter 16 Lotus Sutra     Rev. Nagase Shonin
  5. Tibetan Traditional Chanting     Jamyang Buddhist Sangha   
  6. Christian Prayer     Rev. Alan Gadd, South London Interfaith Group 
  7. Speech     Bruce Kent, Vice-President of CND
  8. Speech     Shigeo Kobayashi
  9. Speech on Bradwel     Yuko Moriyama-Wiffen 
  10. Song for Peace      Brigette Bennett
  11. Conclusion & Thanks     Shigeo Kobayashi