33rd Anniversary Celebration of The London Peace Pagoda


“And are as untainted with worldly things as the lotus flower in the water” (The Lotus Sutra, Chapter XV, Spring Up out of the Earth).
 But it chanced the other day that I scented a white water-lily, and a season I had waited for had arrived. It is the emblem of purity. It bursts up so pure and fair to the eye, and so sweet to the scent, as if to show us what purity and sweetness reside in, and can be extracted from, the slime and muck of the earth, I think I have plucked the first one that has opened for a mile. What confirmation of our hopes is in the fragrance of this flower! I shall not so soon despair of the world for it, notwithstanding slavery, and the cowardice and want of principle of Northern men. It suggests what kind of laws have prevailed longest and widest, and still prevail, and that the time may come when man’s deeds will smell as sweet. Such is the odour which the plant emits. If Nature can compound this fragrance still annually, I shall believe her still young and full of vigour, her integrity and genius unimpaired, and that there is virtue even in man too, who is fitted to perceive and love it”. (‘Slavery in Massachusetts’ by Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862)

You and your friends are cordially invited to attend the



* Annual ceremony of Nipponzan Myohoji

with various Buddhist traditions.

* Interfaith prayers for peace.

* Messages and speeches.

* Devotional music and dance.


The programme will be followed by an offering of tea and light refreshments, ending by 5 pm. Everyone is welcome to spontaneously offer incense, flowers, candles, etc.

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